201804201The first meeting of the Directors of Governors in 2018 was held.  (No.18-1)

Date & time: April 20th, 2018 (Friday) 14:00~15:30
Place: Abiko Civic Plaza (meeting room 1)
Participated irectors:Ideguchi,Houjou,Noguchi,Tanaka, Fukuoka, Kimoto, Kikuchi, Yoneda,Suzuki ,AIRA Directors 9 (Sato, Kitajima, Murakosi, Adachi, Nakamura, Uehara, Beppu, Hesaki, Sakazume)         total 18 persons  (titles mitted)

Agenda: All related to the next week’s 2018 General Assembly Meeting ? as per AIRA rule the article 17 "Board of Directors shall discuss about all proposals raised to the General Assembly Meeting"
The discussion includes report of the 2017’s activities, settlement of account (income and expenditure), nomination and replacement of the new directors, auditors, officers & 2018’s business activities plan and budget plan (draft). Eight officers were replaced out of the total 30 of Directors and Advisors. 201804202
As the result of discussions, all proposals were approved for the coming General Assembly Meeting which will be conducted on April 27th, 2018.

(Translated by Mr. Mitsuru Sato.)