201902171The members who are studying at AIRA’s Foreign Language Class(Chinese Conversation Advanced Class) assembled to celebrate the Lantern Festival.(No.18-19)
  Date & time: Feb 17th(Sun), 2019  12:00~16:30
  Venue      : Abista cooking room
  Participants: 13 students (Chinese Conversation Ms. Zhang Hua’s class)
Feb.19th is the Lantern Festival (First Full Moon Festival). To celebrate it, many students assembled and cooked Chinese dishes under the lecturer Ms. Zhang Hua’s instruction. The members of her class are consisting of people who used to work in China or were transferred to China or are visiting China frequently for travelling. All of them love China and Chinese dishes are their favorite.
They bought lots of ingredients and cooked many kinds of dishes in mutual cooperation. The followings are the dishes cooked by them.
1. Pidan Doufu(Tofu with century eggs)201902175
2. Chaoyou Caixie ( Fried Chinese vegetable “Chingensai” with dried prawns)201902176
3. Gongbao Jiding(Fried chicken and peanuts with red peppers)201902177
4. Suancai Fen(Pickles of Chinese cabbage and sautéed gelatin noodles)201902178
5. Jiang Mian(Zha jiang mian)2019021710
6. Yuan Xiao(Tang yuan)2019021711
*(Editing note)
This time, we introduce the article contributed by the class student.
The students of Ms.Zhang Hua’s Chinese Conversation Advanced Class assembled to celebrate the Spring Festival last year and enjoyed very much to cook the dishes for the festival. As such, we are studying not only the language but the culture, habits etc. and accordingly making friends in the class.
 (Translated by Mr.Katsumi Nakajima)