201902251AIRA’s Japanese Language Instructor Training Program, which started as a 15-session program from 15th of October last year, finished and the completion ceremony was held. (No.18-21)

  Date & Time:  15:30 ~ 16:00   February 25th (Mon.), 2019
  Venue     :  Chuo Gakuin University  13A  Semiar room
  Attendees: 14 students (10 from Abiko and 4 from neighboring cities),  Ms. Saitoh (Instructor from Intercultural Institute of Japan),   

   AIRA :  Mr. Hesaki (President), Mr.Murakoshi (Vice President), Ms. Tsutsumiya (Japanese Class Instructor),  Ms. Sakuazume, Ms. Araki 、Secretariat)

AIRA has provided the Japanese language Instructor Training Program to make volunteer instructors every other year since 2006.  The 14 students were present at the completion ceremony after having learned theory and exercise on how to teach Japanese to foreigners.
Vice President Murakoshi moderated the ceremony.  President Hesaka offered his congratulations to the students and gave them the certificate one by one.
A representative of the instructors, Ms. Saitoh, said, “We hope you will play an active part in the teaching field without forgetting this honor day.”
A representative of the students, Ms. Hidemi Tanigawa replied the encouragement and expressed her gratitude and thanks saying “our instructors taught us energetically and enthusiastically.  We are determined to teach foreigners Japanese language, hoping that they feel our lesson deserve to take.”
After the ceremony, AIRA’s Japanese Class Instructor, Ms.Tsutsumiya said, “I finished this class four years ago and have been having good time to teach Japanese.  Will you join us easily and try to understand other culture?”
As an additional information, 8 of the 14 students attended regularly without missing a day .

                                                             (Translated by Ms.Hitomi Koyama)