201912141AIRA Saturday Japanese Class enjoyed Shiritori (Japanese word-chain game) on the last day of the second term.  (No. 19-22)
Date and Time : Saturday, December 14, 2019  10:40 ~ 11:30
Place : Room No.2, Abista
Participants : Twelve students and fourteen volunteer teachers
After a teacher explained the rules of Shiritori, the students started to play the game in two teams.
The First Round (Working Together)
There was a big sheet of paper on each team’s table.  The first word was “shiritori” and the students looked for a word that begins with “ri” and wrote it down on the paper.  In this way they worked together to make a chain of words as quickly as possible.  After the given 10 minutes passed, which seemed to the students too short, the teachers put the two sheets of paper on the board and “strictly” examined each word.  The winning team wrote as many as 45 words!
The Second Round (Relay Race)
The second round was done in a relay style using a felt pen as the baton.  They rushed to the board and wrote a word by turns.  All the students cheered for their team.  After the time limit (this time it was 7 minutes) it was the “judgement time” by the teachers again.
Finishing the exciting game, the students and the teachers chatted with each other over drinks and snacks.
Last of all the students were given calendars of the year 2020 prepared by the teachers.  It was also fun to choose their favorite from various colorful calendars.
At the end of the class all the people said “Happy New Year!” to each other and concluded the second term.
(Translated by Chizu Yamaguchi)