20200202AIRA directors, office staff and members of foreign language classes had a joint meeting to discuss class management. (No.19-26)
Date & time: February 2nd (Sun), 2020 14:00~15:20
Venue: Abiko Civic Plaza, Meeting Room 1
Participants: Twenty-eight people in total
 *Twenty-one class leaders
 *Mr. Hesaki (President), Mr. Uehara (Director of Foreign Language Classes), Mr. Beppu, (Asst. Director) and Mr. Nakamura (Director of Public Relations)
 *Ms. Arai, Ms. Sakazume and Ms. Kogawa (AIRA office staff) 
AIRA offers foreign language classes as one of the measures to promote communication between Abiko citizens and foreigners. In 2019 twenty-two classes for five languages are being held. Every year AIRA exchanges opinions with class leaders, who play an important role in each class for smooth class management.
Mr. Beppu emceed the meeting and following short speeches by Mr. Uehara and Mr.  Hesaki, all the participants made self-introductions.
Information from AIRA
1. In addition to the classes and salons which are being held this year, a Chinese class and a German class, both of which are for beginners, a special class “Travel English” and “Class for Learning How to Teach Japanese” are planned to be held next year.
2. Venue rental fees are scheduled to be raised. (Oct.2020, Jan. 2021)
3. Construction work at Abiko Civic Plaza is scheduled, during the period of which no application for room rental is accepted. (Dec. 2020~Jan. 2021)
1. Class leaders’ jobs are room application, facilitating communication in the class, making the students’ list, and so on. They also have to decide class cancellation due to stormy weather.  How should it be made?  And how should it be notified to the students?
2. About shared use of rooms as a measure to reduce the cost.
3. About necessary procedures after the room rental was applied. (Payment of the rental fee and unlocking of the room and others.)
4. What should be done if the number of applicants for a class is less than expected?
5. There is a request for putting a desk and chairs in the Japanese room of Civic Plaza.
Through the discussion the attendants deepened mutual understanding and confirmed cooperation between the classes and the AIRA office.
(Translated by Mr.Katsumi Nakajima)