openingMany school children from China visited Fusa-Minami Elementary School and AIRA sent interpreters to help smooth communications between the two parties. (No.19-25)
  Date and Time  :  January 15th (Wed), 2020,  10:00 ~ 13:20
  Venue          :  Fusa-Minami Elementary School in Abiko City
  Participants :  China side ・・・35 4th- grade-students from Guiyang Second Experimental Elementary School ,5 teachers including its Principal, 1 tour conductor
                     Abiko side・・・37 4th- grade-students of Fusa-Minami Elementary School, The School’s Principal , Asst.Principal, School affairs and support staff 

       Mayor of Abiko, 5 members of the Board of Education (including the Chief of the Board)

      8 AIRA members (5 interpreters including 3 Chinese college students, 1 reporter, 2 personnel from the Planning Department of the city)

Following to opening remarks by Principal of Fusa-Minami Elementary School Tsuyoshi Suga and his Chinese counterpart at the welcome ceremony, a video showing the elementary school days was put on the screen.  School days were well wrap-up in 10minutes video, showing children arriving at school, studying in classes, doing club activities, and taking part of various school events including an athletic meet.
Then, the children walked to see classes of other grades and came back to the gym again.  Preparation for the special class, “Let’s make a kite using Styrofoam paper”, has been already  made there.  They made small kites together, teaching mutually how to make them.  If the kites were made well –balanced, they can fly easily even in a walking speed.  The children walked around the gym   happily enjoying the kite flying. 
The Mayor and the Chief of the Board of Education joined the school lunch and enjoyed talking with children.  The special event was realized in response to a request by the Chinese elementary school.  Abiko city accepted the request and chose Fusa-Minami Elementary School. 
One of the persons concerned, the Chief of the Planning and Sales Department Michikuni Hayashi said that China has taken a new educational policy in which children are sent to overseas to learn and experience various things abroad.  He added that this special event would serve as a trial basis for the new policy so that China is going to accumulate this kind of records.
(Translated by Ms.Hitomi Koyama)
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