202403051Date and Time:  Tuesday, March 5, 2024  10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Venue: Multi-purpose hall, Abiko Civic Plaza

Participants: 13 students and 11 volunteer teachers  (No.23-22)

AIRA Tuesday Japanese Class, where students usually study in small groups based on their proficiency levels, held a joint lesson, which provided a valuable opportunity for the entire class to engage in activities together.

1. “Let’s get to know each other!”

The students were grouped into three units and introduced themselves.  They talked about hobbies, families, countries they came from, difficulties they faced when they moved to Japan, etc., showing photos and images on the projector screen.  While some of them have been studying at AIRA for a long time, some are new students who started just two months ago, but all of them spoke, asked and answered in Japanese, demonstrating the results of their hard work.

2. “Let’s dance the mambo!”

All the people tried dancing with the guidance of Ms. Patricia Kato. They looked shy or awkward first, but gradually got their rhythm and enjoyed dancing to the song “ME GUSTA EL MAMBO.”202403056


After the dance they had “Tea Time,” chatting with each other over tea and snacks. 

Students of Tuesday Class are from a wide variety of countries this year. (*See below for the details.)  By learning about different cultures and values, we can deepen friendships, which will help us achieve our goal of fostering a society that celebrates diversity and promotes harmonious living among people.

*Sri Lanka, Ireland, Mexico, Nigeria, Thailand, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Canada, Chile, UK and Vietnam.

(Translated by Chizu Yamaguchi)