202404261Date and Time: Friday, April 26th, 2024  14:00 ~ 15:40

Venue: Abiko Civic Plaza Meeting Room #1

Participants: 22 Board members                 (No. 24-2)

The first board meeting for FY 2024 was held. The agenda was on the items shown below to be proposed to the General Meeting of the Board for FY 2024. We heard opinions from board members.

  • Operational report and income and expenditure budget for FY 2023
  • Replacement of board members, auditors and officers (proposed)
  • Operational plan and operational budget (proposed) for FY 2024

Our board members, auditors and officers, each having a tenure of two years, are supposed to be replaced through an election in FY 2024. All of the above-mentioned items were approved by the meeting and were decided to be proposed to the General Meeting of the Board. In addition, a report was provided on some personnel being newly appointed or resigning.

After the conclusion of the meeting, the attendees introduced themselves. As members of the board were from regional educational, cultural and sports and financial-commercial organizations, their self-introductions enabled us to take a glimpse of what had recently been happening in Abiko City. This kind of exchange event plays an important role for AIRA’s activities while deepening its collaboration with the local community. 

(Translated by H.Kim)