202405201Date and Time: Monday, May 20, 2024, 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Location: Room 647, Chuo Gakuin University
Dispatched Lecturers: Fumiko Kitajima, Noriko Adachi, Takayuki Nakamura
Participants: 20 students:
Class Instructor: Takahiro Nanri, visiting scholar      (No.24-4)

Chuo Gakuin University is engaged in activities that contribute to the local community by utilizing the intellectual resources and facilities of our university. Chuo Gakuin is aiming to remain as a university which contributes to society through education/research and assists regional revitalization (quoted from University Information). The university collaborates with Abiko City, neighboring administrative bodies, and other universities as part of its regional cooperation and contribution efforts.

In the Faculty of Liberal Arts, the "Volunteer Studies" class collaborates with public organizations, private companies, and other entities. The class involves inviting personnel from these organizations to conduct lectures. Following a request from Lecturer Takahiro Nanri, AIRA dispatched lecturers for the class.

The content requested by Lecturer Nanri aimed to engage students' interest through practical experiences, including an introduction to activities conducted by AIRA for foreigners, insights, and experiences gained through volunteer activities, expectations for students, and a Q&A session.

The lecture was conducted using PowerPoint slides and numerous photographs to cover the following four key topics:

  1. Introduction to AIRA's Activities
  2. Proposals for Student’s Participation in Volunteer Activities
  3. Examples of Participation Cases
  4. Motivations for Our Involvement in Volunteer Activities

Finally, we obtained feedback from the students regarding AIRA's activities and volunteer work. The students provided valuable comments, such as:

  • Interest in interacting activities with foreigners
  • Desire to participate in activities together
  • Appreciation for the importance of human connections
  • Intention to utilize ikebana certification
  • Interest in cooking and tea ceremony
  • Willingness to leverage their skills in foreign languages (English, French)
  • Awareness of volunteer activities available in the local community

We strongly felt that the lecture successfully drew their interests and inspired in volunteer activities.

(Translated by Takashi Kobayashi)