20200317YOMA Japanese Language School in Abiko City made a contribution to AIRA. (No.19-29)

Date & Time : March 17th (Tue), 2020  14:00
Visitor : Ms.Yoko Kawasaki (Principal of YOMA Japanese Language School)

YOMA Japanese Language School has been providing Japanese education since four years ago in Abiko and now approximately 70 students from abroad, e.g. Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, the Philippines, are learning Japanese.
YOMA values education of not only language but also cultures and customs and is making efforts to provide high-level education by inviting experts from each field.  Business manners in Japan are also taught as well as Japanese cultures such as cooking, calligraphy and dancing.
At YOMA students of various nationalities have mutual communication and enjoy school life through introducing cooking of their home countries to each other, holding bazaars together and things like that.
This time the principal Ms. Kawasaki kindly visited AIRA and made a contribution out of the proceeds from bazaars held in the school, which AIRA appreciated very much.
A student from Vietnam who is learning at YOMA participated in the 21st AIRA Speech Contest held last September and received AIRA President Award.
According to Ms. Kawasaki, there are many students who are good at cooking, playing musical instruments, dancing and so on. 
It is anticipated the communication between the school and AIRA will be promoted through AIRA’s cultural activities.

(Translated by Katsumi Nakajima)