20231030The second Board Meeting for FY 2023 was held for the purpose of reporting and briefing on the project progress for the fiscal year and the business details  for the second half of FY 2023 (No. 23 -14).

Date and Time :  Monday, October 30th, 2023  14:00 ~ 15:40

Venue :  Abiko Civic Plaza Meeting Room #1

Participants :  17 Board members

The Board Meeting commenced with President Kitajima acting as moderator. Following an opening address by her and self-introductions by other participants, a briefing was provided on the plan for the 31st Abiko International Festival (to be held on November 26), an agenda item.

It was proposed that the festival be held in a pre-COVID-19 manner this time around as the government had earlier changed its classification from the equivalent of Category 2 to the equivalent of Category 5 which was then approved by the Board.

This was followed by Vice President Murakoshi’s reporting on how the projects had gone for the  first half of this fiscal year up to October 2023.

He reported AIRA’s operations had continued to be carried out smoothly, including the General Assembly and other kinds of activities that had been done prior to the onset of COVID-19, such as the bus tour, the International Exchange Speech Contest, the foreign language courses, the in-person Japanese language classes and the business dispatching teachers to schools for Japanese language instruction.

Also, AIRA positively organized the events related to international exchange such as: i) Japanes Culture Experience for NAU Students; ii) Russia-Ukraine War and Global Security; iii) Lecture and Path Counselling Event: Abiko City Path Fair for Elementary School and Junior High School Students and Parents Who Have Their Roots Overseas

Then, on behalf of Accountant Yoda, Ms. Sakatsume presented an interim report on the budget income-expenditure for FY 2023.

After completion of the scheduled agenda, some Board members reported on their recent  activities before the meeting finally came to a close.

(translated by Mr.KIM Harukichi)