202311051The Japan Bird Festival (JBF), of which AIRA is one of the supporters, was held at the same site as in 2019, before the Corona pandemic, and AIRA dispatched interpreters to the booths for overseas participating organizations. (No.23-15)

 Date : Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5, 2023

 Venue and time :  Ooban (coots) Square, 10:00~16:00  (~15:00 for Sunday)

 Dispatched interpreters

  a)Thailand Booth :  Ms.HAMA Rie(Nov.4), Mr.OSAKI Hiroshi and Mr.NAKJIMA Katsumi

and Mr.SARUWATARI Hiroshi(Nov.5)

  b)Shanghai Booth :  Ms.Liu Peng (Nov. 4),  Mr.Xing Kai Jun(Nov. 4 and 5)

The Japan Bird Festival is one of the largest bird-related events held in Japan aiming for

“Encouraging closer coexistence with wild birdlife” with the participation of various

organizations, businesses and bird lovers.  This time AIRA was requested to dispatch

interpreters to the booths of Thailand and Shanghai.

It was nice weather on both days and the temperature was around that of early October. The

festival site was crowded with many families. The interpreters explained the bird-related

goods and names of birds to the visitors with confirmation from the overseas staff members.

At the Thailand booth, a Japanese high school student asked the Thai staff about the nature

conservation and environmental policies of Thailand, and the AIRA interpreters translated

their explanation.

Mayor Hoshino made a short speech at the closing ceremony saying that a lot of people visited the festival and it was implemented with various organizations including the ones from overseas, i.e. Taiwan, Mongolia, Thailand and China(Shanghai).  Then, JBF aiming for global communication through birds completed all the two days’ schedule.

(Translated by NAKJIMA Katsumi)