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Abiko International Relations Association



202306271Date :     Tuesday, June 27, 2023 18:30 ~ 20:40

Venue :    Abiko Civic Plaze  Multipurpose Hall,  Meeting Room #1

Lecturer :  Dr. Mikhail Alexseev

Professor, San Diego State University, Faculty of Political Science   

Introduction of Lecturer: Dr. KAWAKUBO Fuminori, Vice President and Professor of Chuo Gakuin University, Faculty of Law

Interpreter :  Mr. TAKEUCHI Masatoshi, Associate Professor, Toyo Gakuin University, Faculty of Global Communication

Participants  :  80 people  ( 53 people, 27 staff)

Prof. KASWAKUBO of Chuo Gakuin University initially proposed AIRA to hold a lecture.  The theme would be “war and peace” reflecting the current situation in Ukraine, which would be very timely, because 16 months have past since Russian invasion of Ukraine started.  AIRA decided to hold the lecture with Dr. KAWAKUBO’s laboratory jointly.  AIRA considered that thinking about peace was closely related to both “Abiko City’s peace promotion project” and the best timing of thinking about peace.  (No. 23-7)

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NAU students experience Japanese cultures (Dispatch of interpreters)

202306131AIRA sent translators to help the students of Northern Arizona University (NAU) experience Japanese cultures in Abiko City. (No.23-5)
The dates of their cultural experiences with AIRA translators 
 Japanese calligraphy :  Saturday, June 10th, 2023
 Kimono wearing : Sunday, June 11
 Ikebana : Tuesday, June 13
 Video editing : Wednesday, June 14

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